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Motion Sensing LED Night Light, Plug-In AC Outlet

Motion Sensing LED Night Light, Plug-In AC Outlet

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Product Description:
Light up dark areas in your home with our motion activated night lights. Be safe in knowing that whenever you walk near these lights, they will light up your path.

Product Features:

  • ✅ Plug-In: These lights were designed so that they are powered through a direct plug-in in an outlet with no need for wiring.
  • ✅ Energy Efficient: The lights will not light up unless there is movement near the lights. Otherwise, the lights will stay off.
  • ✅ Photocell: WIth its advanced photocell technology, the lights will turn on when it can detect that there is no or limited light available in the area.
Product Specifications:
Motion Detection Maximum Range: 5 meters or 15 feet
AC Power Input: 110V to 240V
MAX Power Consumption: 3W (static power: 0.02 W)
Motion Engagement Period: 30 to 40 seconds
IR Sensor Angle: 90 degree
IR LED Cell: 23 pieces
Luminous Flux: 150-170 Lumen (equal to 25 Watt conventional incandescent lamp)
Power Consumption: 2KWH per year
Hours Of Life: 35,000 hours minimum

Package Includes:
1 x AC Outlet Plug-In Motion Night Light
⚠️WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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