About Us

Welcome to Neoteric Solution Inc. (NSI)—"From Goods to Good." Over 18 years of dedication and innovation in serving diverse buyers has taught us the value of personalized solutions. No two buyers are alike, and while their needs may vary, the universal demand for The Three Essentials remains constant: competitive pricing, outstanding quality, and fast delivery. Our unwavering commitment to these essentials is the key to our enduring success.

Today, with over 18 years of accumulated expertise, NSI continues to lead with innovative solutions that empower a more productive and organized lifestyle. Our global footprint extends from our office in Shenzhen, China to expansive warehouses in Newark, CA, and NJ, symbolizing our remarkable growth.

At NSI, our guiding principle, "Go the Extra Mile," is reflected in everything we do. We're passionate about not just meeting, but exceeding expectations every day, whether it's for our customers, colleagues, or our company. Since launching in 2006 with wowparts.com, we've led the way in providing electronic accessories alongside exceptional customer service and smart, cost-effective solutions.

NSI has grown into a multi-channel retailer, selling on platforms including Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Wayfair and Wish. While electronics remain our cornerstone, our product catalog now boasts an eclectic mix of products from home and garden to outdoor, sports, pet suppliers and more. Welcome to join our journey as we continue to expand our horizons and meet the ever-changing needs of our valued customers.