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The Oven Temperature Sensor 12001656

The Oven Temperature Sensor 12001656

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Material: Replacement parts are made of durable stainless steel high-quality material and fully tested by the manufacturer to OEM standards to ensure long-lasting and effective operation.
Fix symptoms of: Baking with little to no heat, oven too hot, oven heating unevenly, won't start, etc.
Model Number: 12001656 Oven sensor is also commonly known as a temperature sensor, it is designed for use in ovens and hobs, similar to a thermostat, it measures and regulates the internal temperature of the oven cavity, it has an adapter at one end and a probe at the other, they are insulated line connection.
EASY TO INSTALL: Compatible with most brands, fits Whirlpool Kenmore ovens, easy to install.
Product Parameters:
Type:Oven Temperature Sensor
Material:Stainless Steel
Package Includes:
1 x Temperature Sensor
2 x Harness Adapter

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