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Amethyst cluster

Amethyst cluster

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Product Description:
100% brand new: beautiful, all stones are unique and will be different from what is shown in the picture. Some products may have cracks. These cracks are formed naturally but are not damaged by other objects.

Product Features:

  • It is a good home decoration that makes your home more beautiful. It is also a unique representative of nature. It can be used to decorate flower pots, fish tanks, degaussing, collections, and gifts.
  • You can see multiple colors in a work, just like a rainbow, especially when the sun shines in, it perfectly reflects the beauty of crystal.
  • Each natural citrine quartz crystal has its own unique shape, which is a unique gift.
  • Product Specifications:

    Type Natural Purple Crystal Cluster Collection
    Quantity 1
    Color Purple
    Material Crystal Cluster
    Size 6-7cm (2.36-2.76inch

    Package Includes:
    1 x Purple Crystal Cluster

    ⚠️WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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