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Under Cabinet Jar Lid Can Round Opener

Under Cabinet Jar Lid Can Round Opener

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Product details:
Made of durable material, sturdy and non-slip, these one-handed gadgets use strong metal teeth to grip any size lid for a secure grip that requires less strength while providing more security.
Features: The can opener makes opening hard-to-open lids easy and grabs any lid, whether it's factory sealed, vandal-resistant, or just stuck with the contents of a jar. It opens with a simple twist.
WORKS: Open the lids of various sizes and try anything small, such as a bottle of water, nail polish, or a large container of pickles, peanuts, canned fruit, jam, molasses, marshmallows, cream, or jars of cherries.
Easy to Install: It can be easily installed with adhesive backing and the included 3 screws, suitable for most people and those who work in the kitchen.
Convenient Storage: This can opener can be neatly hidden under a cabinet, counter, or shelf without taking up any valuable storage space
Type:Kitchen Cabinet Under Lid Round Can Opener
Size:18x18x1.9cm (7.09x7.09x0.75in)

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