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3 Pcs Hydraulic Seal Installation Tool Kit

3 Pcs Hydraulic Seal Installation Tool Kit

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【High quality】Hydraulic cylinder seal kit tool, using high-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant. And the smooth surface will not cause damage to the seals.
【Multiple sizes】We Provide The Hydraulic Seal Kit Of Three Sizes, It Can Meet The Needs of Your Use demand.
Small for rod diameters 22-40mm(0.87" - 1.57" ROD) gland hole, 6mm cross-section max
Medium for rod diameters 40-70MM (1.57" - 2.75" ROD) gland hole, 8mm cross-section max
Large for rod diameters 70-165MM (2.75" - 6.49" ROD) gland hole, 10mm cross-section max
【Easy to Use】With the help of the hydraulic cylinder sealing tool, you can quickly complete the installation of the seal and do not need to use finger assistance and spend a lot of time.
【Multipurpose application】 Hydraulic cylinder seal kit tool for installing automotive marine hydraulic cylinders, bucket cylinder internal seals, O-rings, flexible rod seals in automotive marine, etc. Using hydraulic tools can avoid seal damage.
Package Includes:
1 x Small size of rod
1 x Medium size of rod
1 x Large size of rod

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