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Self Centering Drill Bit Set (5/64" - 1/4"), 16pcs

Self Centering Drill Bit Set (5/64" - 1/4"), 16pcs

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Product Features:
✅Center Drill bit: Center drill is made of high speed steel drill bit & quenching treatment shell designed. High hardness, durable and superior drilling performance.
✅Sawdust Discharged from Hole: Sawdust will be automatically discharged from the top of the holes on both sides, without drill blocked.
✅Unique Design: Unique design and perfect punch effect. Applicable for the installation of the door hinge. Easy to use and install, change bits fast which one-handed load and release.
✅Multipurpose: perfect for hinges, handles, drawer slides, woodworking and etc. Suitable for professionals and Dyer.
✅The bits are surrounded by spring loaded guides that have a window to show the drill bit depth while making adjustments.
✅Important: Use low speed when drilling (usually keep in 2000R/min - 3000R/min). too fast speed will off center, break the bit or jammed
✅Come with 8 replacement bits: when the drill bit is damaged, just need replace it that can continue to use.
✅135° inclined blade drill bit make drilling easier and faster.

Product Specifications:
Device Type: Hinge Hardware Drill
All Shank Size: 1/4inch(6.35mm)
Dimensions: 5/64inch, 7/64inch, 9/64inch, 11/64inch, 13/64inch, 5mm, 1/4inch
Color: Silver

Note: Please adjust according to the hardness of the wood, if the wood is soft, choose a smaller size; If the wood is hard, you can choose a larger size or corresponding opening tool.
5/64inch: Hole diameter is about 2mm, use about 2.2-2.8mm tapping screw.
7/64inch: Hole diameter is about 2.8mm, use about 3-3.5mm tapping screw.
9/64inch: Hole diameter is about 3.5mm, use about 4-4.5mm tapping screw.
11/64inch: Hole diameter is about 4.5mm, use about 5-5.5mm tapping screw.
5mm: Hole diameter is about 5mm, use about 5.5-6mm tapping screw.
13/64inch: Hole diameter is about 5.2mm, use about 6-6.5mm tapping screw.
1/4inch: Hole diameter is about 6.35mm, use about 7-7.5mm tapping screw.

Package Includes:
7 x Center Drill Bits with case
8 x Replacement Drill Bits
1 x Hex Key

⚠️WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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