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Crystal AB Flatback Rhinestones Decorating Set for Nail Art and DIY Craft Decorating, 1 Set

Crystal AB Flatback Rhinestones Decorating Set for Nail Art and DIY Craft Decorating, 1 Set

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Product Description:
Decorate your nails with our crystal rhinestone flatback set.

Product Features:

  • ✅ Multi-Function: This set comes with a pen that will be able to help you pick up rhinestones and also help you adjust them so that they can fit perfectly in place.
  • ✅ Beauty: These rhinestones are pretty sturdy and are hard to break, because of this it gives them more brightness and sparkle, making your nails stand out amongst a crowd.
  • ✅ Application: While they can be used for your nails, you can also use these for other DIY projects like decorating your clothes, shoes, cases, etc.
Product Specifications:
Type: Crystal AB Flatback Rhinestone
Material: Crystal
Color: Colorful
Shape: 18 different styles shape
Size: Style 1(3*9mm/0.12*0.35in): 10pcs*1grid
Style 2(4*4mm/0.16*0.16in): 10pcs*1grid
Style 3(3*6mm/0.12*0.24in ): 10pcs*1grid
Style 4(3*10mm/0.12*0.39in): 10pcs*1grid
Style 5(4*8mm/0.16*0.32in ): 10pcs*1grid
Style 6(3*6mm/0.12*0.24in ): 10pcs*1grid
Style 7(6*10mm/0.24**0.39in ): 10pcs*1grid
Style 8(6*6mm/0.24*0.24in ): 10pcs*1grid
Style 9(3*10mm/0.12**0.39in ): 10pcs*1grid
Style 10(5*8mm/0.2*0.32in ): 10pcs*1grid
Style 11(4*8mm/0.16*0.32in ): 10pcs*1grid
Style 12(4*6mm/0.16*0.24in): 10pcs*1grid
Style 13(3*3 mm/0.12*0.12in): 288 pcs*1 grid
Style 14(2.8*2.8mm/0.1*0.1in): 288 pcs*1 grid
Style 15(2.4*2.4mm/0.08*0.08in): 288 pcs*1 grid
Style 16(2.0*2.0mm/0.06*0.06in): 288 pcs*1 grid
Style 17(1.8*1.8mm/0.04*0.04in): 288 pcs*1 grid
Style 18(1.6*1.6mm/0.04*0.04in): 288 pcs*1 grid
Quantity: 1850 pcs (10*12pcs Crystal Rhinestones+288*6pcs Round Rhinestones+1pcs Picking Up Pen+1pcs Tweezer)

Package Includes:
120 x Nail Crystal Rhinestones
1728 x Flat Back Round Rhinestones
1 x Picking Up Pen
1 x Tweezer

⚠️WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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